Porkoláb Ildikó coach

Ildikó Porkoláb, coach

I help private individuals and owners, managers of small- and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) live a more fulfilling life by way of improving their communication skills; enriching the quality of their relationships with others; and thinking of their roles within the organization in a more conscious way. My main objective throughout these life coaching and executive coaching sessions is

  • to help make my clients see their roles within the system (family, friends, colleagues) that they have become a part of;

  • allow themselves to realize their ambitions through a deeper self-awareness; and

  • be able to fully exploit their own potential.

The result of my coaching sessions is a more self-confident You, by way of offering you a richer set of communication tools to be used in your private and professional life.

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I base my coaching practice on various methods and coaching schools to offer my clients a rich and intriguing coaching experience.  I can help my clients reach the core of their problems / challenges quite quickly with my system-approach, and enable them to reach their goals on this common journey.  Our motivation, relationships, leader-follower perspective and roles in society and within the family are all determined by the place(s) we take up in the system.  Based on this ‘place’, we sometimes get along better and sometimes not so well with others.  I help my clients get over their internal ‘stop’ signs that they put in front of themselves, based on their beliefs – and once this has been achieved, they can notice the opportunities in front of them.